Friday, March 23, 2007

Open Mouth Insert....Shoe

So I am chatting with Officer B and the phone rings

Me: Hello Wonderful PD, how can I help you?

Caller: I need help, I lost my shoe.

Me: I'm sorry? You lost your.....

Caller: My shoe, on the freeway, in your city.

Me: OK....well all calls for service on the freeway are handled by the Highway Patrol, so let me get you their number. It's ----------------.

Caller: Great, I will call them, I also need the number for those guys who work on the freeway in those orange vests. You see, my shoe was lost on the freeway and it was very expensive, but now I only have one shoe, and I want the other one back.

Me: Well the guys in the orange vests are probably CalTrans...Or prisoners...Let's just go with CalTrans. Their number is ------------------.

Caller: Oh good, I really want my shoe back, it is very expensive and it is somewhere on the freeway. I lost it their a week ago.

Me: Ok, well if anyone can help you it will be one of the numbers I gave you.

Caller: Thank you so much. Bye!
Wow, that must have been some shoe!


dickiebo said...

Gosh. There's nothing worse than being overheard, is there? Some time ago, my wife and I were walking down the road and a husband and wife couple, who we knew, were approaching us. They always kept us up-to-date with local chit-chat, and I remarked to my wife, "Here comes The News of the World". (A National Sunday newspaper).
After a brief chat, the husband said to me, "By the way, I'm the Editor".
Crawls into hole and dies!

Rebekah said...

lol, its always when you say something stupid that it gets overheard by the wrong, I have had that happen to me before...I just smack my forehead and shake my head.. doh!

Stacey said...

I was picking my friend up at college the other day. When I came out to my car someone had parked perpendicular to me blocking me in. I was like "what kind of idiot parks like that" right then some guy came around a car and goes "oh sorry I will move I just had to put a parking ticket on someones car" D'oh. It turns out he was one of the "undercover camups cops" oooops.

Mike@CoptheTruth said...

Just wait 'til CHP and CalTrans find out who referred her to them...

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha NICE one!!!


Anonymous said...

she probably hung up the cell before she heard you...hopefully =)

Brent said...

OOPS!! Hey, it happens to us all. Well, not me, but you know what I mean.